Forestry Project Advisory Board

In September 2015, Portucel Moçambique reached agreement with organisations representing Mozambican civil society on the arrangements for setting up an Advisory Board for Portucel's investment in the Mozambican Forestry Project.

This advisory committee is intended to provide a forum in which Portucel Moçambique, civil society organisations and local communities can talk to each other, and through which NGOs can provide advice for the project.

The committee will advise Portucel Moçambique on environmental and social issues, the social development programme, human and economic development, social and cultural rights and gender equality. In addition to its advisory role, the committee will monitor progress on the project and Portucel Moçambique's implementation of its forestry plans.

The advisory committee comprises five institutions representing Mozambican civil society, a representative of Mozambique's government and a representative of Portucel Moçambique.

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