Sustainable Forest Management

As part of its sustainable forest management policy, Portucel Moçambique will establish community woodlands which can provide local people with sustainable sources of energy, construction materials, medicinal plants and other services and products, cutting down on the use of less sustainable practices that could undermine the future of Mozambique's forests.

The good practices and sustainable management implemented by Portucel Moçambique's, combined with investment in wildfire management, will reduce the exposure to the project's risks.

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The Navigator Company has wide experience of sustainable forestry management, and has been one of the driving forces behind the development and improvement of woodlands in Portugal.

The Company uses responsible methods to manage approximately 120 thousand hectares of forests and was the first organisation in Portugal to be certified under the international FSC® and PEFC™ schemes. These certifications cover eucalyptus wood, for the manufacture of pulp and paper, as well as cork.

Portucel Moçambique will adopt the same good practices in managing its forests in Mozambique, aiming in the medium term to have its plantations certified under the same schemes. It will only achieve certification if it can prove that it manages its woodlands and processes its products in line with the strictest international standards.

Case study of the application of the mitigation hierarchy of impacts on biodiversity in a forest sector company: example of Portucel Mozambique. COMBO project: Conservation, Mitigation and Biodiversity Offsets. Published by: Wildlife Conservation Society – Mozambique.

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